Clean Technology

Embracing Clean Technology, Journeying Towards a Sustainable New World

Semiconductors, as powerful catalysts in modern life, industries and economic activities, drive the development of new technologies and applications across various domains. WT serves as the distributor for world-renowned semiconductor suppliers. As promoter of clean technology, we act as intermediaries between suppliers and clients, offering the best services. We pioneer applications for clean technology products, continually integrating innovative solutions, not only enhancing the energy efficiency of existing products but also furnishing new designs and comprehensive clean technology solutions.

In the context of sustainability, we collectively face diminishing natural resources, escalating risks and impacts from extreme climatic conditions and the need for industries with high energy consumption and low efficiency to undergo transformation. As a pivotal entity within the semiconductor industry, we proactively engage in clean technology-related sectors, leveraging our core values and aligning with the industry to overcome these challenging risks and move towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Complete Platform Leverage, Propose Outstanding Solutions, Sustain High-Quality Services

Clean technology refers to the applications and technologies capable of reducing adverse environmental impacts. Over the past years, we have consistently invested resources, provided technical services and collaborated deeply with suppliers and clients to offer solutions. We have become a technological platform that provide premium products and optimal solutions in multiple domains.
WT will persist in delivering three core competency: platform leverage and integration for suppliers, comprehensive technical services, and solution proposals. Our focus remains on clean technology-related products and services, striving to offer the finest solutions in the realms of green energy, energy storage, and efficiency. This stands as our development strategy in the domain of clean technology.
Platform Leverage: Unifying the latest clean products and applications from various suppliers to offer a one-stop platform.
Solutions Provider: In response to the market’s demand for clean technology, we invest in technology and research and offer suppliers high-quality products, while also proposing comprehensive hardware and software integration solutions.
Technical Services: Providing technical assistance throughout the product development to production, including product promotion, hosting clean technology-related seminars, and clean application design.

Helping Industries Achieve Net-Zero Emissions, Mitigate the Impact of Extreme Climate Change and Improve Energy Efficiency

In the face of limited natural resources, the risks of abrupt environmental changes and the challenges of industrial transformation, we have identified three primary directions for the development of clean technology:

Green Energy: Consistently investing research and development resources to advance the application of renewable energy, facilitating the realization of net-zero carbon emissions objectives.

Energy Storage: Confronting extreme weather and environmental fluctuations, continually expanding the market for energy storage and resilient grid applications.

Energy Efficiency: In energy-intensive industries such as manufacturing and transportation, we will continue to provide new products and new technologies, elevate system efficiency.

Green Energy

Green energy refers to the energy sources that can be perpetually renewed from the natural world. Energy sources like solar power, wind energy, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, and biomass energy reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. Moreover, these sources generate electricity without pollution, diminish carbon emissions, and safeguard the environment.

Energy Storage

In energy storage systems, the presence of bidirectional and highly efficient inverters is paramount. These systems are essential for storing energy during off-peak hours, providing stable power supply during peak times in conjunction with the grid, and reducing power transmission losses in discrete grid systems like green energy grids. Additionally, in the context of clean technology applications associated with battery technology, we have enhanced lithium battery sorting techniques to minimize resource wastage and environmental pollution, thereby increasing resource efficiency.

In this application, we have integrated components from multiple semiconductor suppliers and have tailored solutions to meet system and customer requirements, significantly enhancing cost-effectiveness, functionality, and efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

According to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), 46% of global electricity is consumed by motorized equipment. Motors are used in various industrial applications to drive mechanical machinery. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the electricity consumption of electric vehicles accounts for approximately 50% to 60% of the entire battery’s energy use. Adopting high-efficiency motors, coupled with advanced motor control technology, and the integration of new material semiconductors can significantly enhance efficiency.
In 2022, our research and develop investment reached NT$ 655 million. We are committed to continue investing resources for sustainable and clean technology research and anticipate reaching the goal of a scale of NT$ 1 billion by 2030. We will focus on the development and advancement of fields such as green energy, energy storage, and efficiency, with the goal of achieving a 20% revenue contribution from clean technology-related ventures by 2030.



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