About this Report

WT Microelectronics‭ (‬hereafter abbreviated as WT‭) ‬2022‭ ‬Sustainability Report‭ (‬hereafter referred to as‭ “‬this report‭”) ‬is as follows‭:‬

Disclosure Framework

This report is compiled in accordance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 2021‭ ‬published by the Global Reporting Initiative‭ (‬GRI‭). ‬The information in this report is disclosed in compliance with the standards‭  ‬for Multiline and Specialty Retailers‭ & ‬Distributors under the sector of Consumer Goods of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board‭ (‬SASB‭), ‬as well as the framework of Task Force on Climate Change-related Financial Disclosures‭ (‬TCFD‭).‬

Disclosure Scope

This report was first released in 2017‭ ‬and an annual report has since been regularly released each year‭. ‬This report presents the overall economic‭, ‬social and environmental performance of WT group’s operating bases in Taiwan as well as subsidiaries in Hong‭ ‬Kong‭, ‬Shanghai‭, ‬Shenzhen‭, ‬South Asia‭, ‬Korea‭, ‬and Japan‭, ‬throughout the period from January 1st to December 31st‭, ‬2022‭. ‬The disclosure covers all the entities included in the group’s consolidated reports and is divided into major operating regions of Taiwan‭, ‬Hong Kong‭, ‬China‭, ‬South Asia‭, ‬South Korea‭, ‬Japan‭. ‬In cases where the data disclosed do not cover all the entities‭, ‬a note is‭ ‬added to describe the scope of the particular disclosure‭. ‬The respective disclosure scopes of‭  ‬all items are provided in‭ “‬5-9‭ ‬Disclosure Scope‭” ‬as well‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬in view of comparability of information‭, ‬only the data of the recent five years are disclosed in principle‭. ‬In cases where the relevant performance information has not been systematically collected or the accuracy of the information can not be validated or verified‭, ‬only the data of one to three years are disclosed‭.‬

About the Disclosure

The sustainability and performance information disclosed in this report have also been disclosed in the ESG section of the official WT website‭. ‬The financial information disclosed in regard to the operating performance have been audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan‭ (‬PwC Taiwan‭) ‬and are consistent with the information from financial statements attested by public certified accountant‭. ‬The financial disclosures are made in New Taiwan Dollars‭ (‬NT‭$). ‬The other data in this report were compiled by the WT disclosure team‭, ‬with numeral information described in the usual way and rounded in principle‭.‬

Independent Assurance

This report was verified by the British Standards Institution Taiwan Branch‭ (‬BSI Taiwan‭) ‬in accordance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and the AA1000‭ ‬AS v3‭ ‬Type 1‭ ‬Moderate Assurance Level‭, ‬and confirmed to be in compliance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards Requirements‭ (‬see 5-10‭ ‬Sustainability Report Independent Assurance Opinion Statement‭).‬

Compilation Process

Step 1 Team formation

Formation of the report disclosure team with individuals appointed by each department

Step 2 Compilation and edition

Compilation by the executive secretary of the ESG sustainable development team and approval by the CSO

Step 3 Approval for release: 

Final approval by the chairman and report to the board meeting‭.‬

This report was produced by an inter-departmental disclosure team‭. ‬The contents were produced by appointed writers of each department‭, ‬compiled by the Executive Secretary of the ESG Sustainable Development Team‭, ‬and verfied by the disclosure team‭. ‬The report was then submitted to the Chief Sustainability Officer‭ (‬CSO‭) ‬for review before the final approval by the chairman‭. ‬The final‭ ‬version was presented to the first subsequent board meeting by the CSO along with the comprehensive results of WT sustainability‭ ‬performance in 2022‭.‬

The last report was released in June 2022‭. ‬This report was released in June 2023‭.‬

Contact person:
Pow Ling‭, ‬General Director of Public Relations Department‭ ‬

14F‭, ‬No.738‭, ‬Chung Cheng Road‭, ‬Chung Ho District‭, ‬New Taipei City 235603‭, ‬Taiwan‭ (‬R.O.C‭.)‬

Telephone:+886-2-8226-9088‭     Email:esg@wtmec.com


Headquartered in Taiwan‭, ‬WT has an extensive marketing and sales channel‭  ‬with 52‭ ‬offices across the world in China‭, ‬South Korea‭, ‬Singapore‭, ‬India‭, ‬Thailand‭, ‬Malaysia‭, ‬Vietnam and other regions‭.‬


A Global Presence With Deep Roots in Taiwan

Name WT Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Headquarters 14F‭, ‬No.738‭, ‬Chung Cheng Road‭, ‬Chung Ho District‭, ‬New Taipei City 235603‭, ‬Taiwan‭ (‬R.O.C‭.)‬ Ownership and legal form Public Company‭. ‬The Company’s shares are publicly traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under stock code 3036‭.‬ Total number of offices 52 Total number of full-time

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Water Resource Management

Active implementation and education have achieved remarkable results in water conservation. The water intake at WT’s operating bases in Taiwan are mainly used for circulated water of air conditioners and daily-life water‭ ‬consumed by employees in office areas‭. ‬The water is entirely sourced from the local water companies‭ (‬fresh water‭)

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Commitment to Ethical Corporate Management

The global corporate governance philosophy of transparency and anti-corruption has been followed. Integrity is WT’s most important core value and business philosophy‭. ‬Employees must abide by clear moral standards and code of conduct‭, ‬and do their utmost to fulfill our commitments to shareholders‭, ‬banks‭, ‬customers‭, ‬employees‭, ‬vendors and other suppliers‭,

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Workplace Safety

Hazards are prevented to create a safe and safe workplace for employees. WT adheres to the occupational safety and health‭ (‬OSH‭) ‬policy of‭ “protecting employees and preventing hazards‭”. ‬It put in place‭ ‬an OSH system pursuant to the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Law‭, ‬and appoints OSH managers‭, ‬fire protection

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