Identification of Stakeholders

The expectations of stakeholders are valued for effective corporate sustainability practices.

WT continues to involve stakeholders to ensure a communication and response mechanism is in place for sustainability issues‭. ‬WT‭ ‬followed the principles of AA1000‭ ‬Stakeholder Engagement Standard‭, ‬which are‭  ‬impact‭, ‬materiality‭, ‬inclusivity‭, ‬and responsiveness‭, ‬to identified key stakeholder groups‭. ‬An evaluation and discussion by WT’s functional executives involved in the sustainability effort concluded that the operating environment in 2022‭ ‬was not significantly different from that in 2021‭, ‬and that the key‭ ‬stakeholder groups were therefore the same as identified previously‭, ‬which are shareholders/lenders‭, ‬customers‭, ‬employees‭, ‬vendors‭, ‬and other suppliers‭.‬

The five stakeholder groups‭, ‬whose involvement with WT’s operations vary in significance and interactivity‭, ‬are engaged in parallel by different departments through various communication channels‭. ‬In 2022‭, ‬the communication and engagement efforts continued‭ ‬and produced results‭.‬

For subsequent issue impact analysis‭, ‬19‭ ‬sustainability issues were identified in accordance with global sustainability report disclosure norms or standards‭ (‬such as GRI‭, ‬SASB‭, ‬TCFD‭), ‬attributes of technology industries‭, ‬external sustainability reports‭, ‬and other information‭.‬

Global Carbon Yearbook Guided Reading‭ ‬as part of WT’s ESG initiative

A sustainable planet is a matter for global citizens

The Global Carbon Yearbook is an authoritative work across fields and regions‭. ‬Covering 41‭ ‬countries in the world‭, ‬it is contributed by more than 300‭ ‬writers‭, ‬scientists‭, ‬illustrators‭, ‬and environmentalists and translated into 38‭ ‬languages‭. ‬The Yearbook summarizes all the research results and latest data on carbon in the world today with regard to corporate business strategies‭, ‬global environmental economy‭, ‬environmental engineering‭, ‬climatology‭, ‬and climate change‭.‬

On December 8‭, ‬2022‭, ‬Willie Sun‭, ‬WT’s Chief Sustainability Officer‭, ‬mediated the guided reading‭, ‬and invited 120‭ ‬individuals including representatives from upstream manufacturers and downstream customers in the supply chain‭, ‬as well as stakeholders such as‭ ‬employees and banks‭, ‬to participate in the event‭. ‬The Guided Reading was conducted by asking questions such as‭, ‬why we need to‭ ‬understand the matter of‭ carbon‭? ‬How we implement ESG in our business operations and personal daily life‭? ‬And why the world continues to pay attention to the issue of‭ ‬carbon‭. ‬From common sense to knowledge‭, ‬the Guided Reading was intended to reveal the‭ ‬truth about‭ carbon‭.‬


Analysis of material issues

The 19 sustainability issues were surveyed to understand stakeholders’ level of interest In order to understand key stakeholders‭’ ‬concerns and expectations on WT’s sustainability management‭, ‬the 19‭ ‬sustainability issues were made into a questionnaire asking respondents to rank the sustainability issues by their own level of interests and concerns‭. ‬The

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Water Resource Management

Active implementation and education have achieved remarkable results in water conservation. The water intake at WT’s operating bases in Taiwan are mainly used for circulated water of air conditioners and daily-life water‭ ‬consumed by employees in office areas‭. ‬The water is entirely sourced from the local water companies‭ (‬fresh water‭)

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Improved Corporate Governance

Strengthened risk control and self-monitoring to adapt to market conditions 2022 Corporate Governance Facts WT was ranked in the top 5% in the listed companies category, and top 10% in the OTC/TWSE-listed companies in electronics sector with NT$10 billion plus market value category of the 9th Corporate Governance Evaluation The

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Green Design and Investment

Innovation of products and management are accelerated to meet the new challenges of sustainable development. The market is changing constantly with new and different product applications‭. ‬In response‭, ‬product design must not only take into account the cost‭, ‬function and quality of a product‭, ‬but also the innovation of and

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