Water Resource Management

Active implementation and education have achieved remarkable results in water conservation.

The water intake at WT’s operating bases in Taiwan are mainly used for circulated water of air conditioners and daily-life water‭ ‬consumed by employees in office areas‭. ‬The water is entirely sourced from the local water companies‭ (‬fresh water‭) ‬where each operating base is located‭, ‬and no water is taken from sea water‭, ‬surface water‭, ‬ground water or water generated by other organizations‭. ‬In order to ensure drinking water safety for employees‭, ‬the water dispenser filters are replaced every month to effectively remove harmful substances in the water‭. ‬Taiwan SGS is commissioned to regularly test the water every year to ensure safe and healthy water quality‭. ‬Except for the evaporation and drift losses from air-conditioners‭, ‬all the water used by employees in the‭ ‬daily life is discharged into local public sewage systems through the sewage pipes of the building‭. ‬An assessment conducted by WT following the Water Risk Atlas of the World Resources Institute‭ (‬WRI‭) ‬found that the operating bases in Taiwan‭, ‬Hong Kong‭, ‬and‭ ‬Singapore are not in areas with water stress‭ (‬high or extremely high‭).‬

Water-saving measures in the park where the Taiwan Headquarters are located

The water intake was 12.95‭ ‬million liters‭ (‬ML‭) ‬in 2022‭, ‬an increase of 1.81‭ ‬ML compared to 2021‭, ‬mainly due to the inclusion of‭ ‬the Hong Kong logistics center‭, ‬and the surging number of employees returning to the office from working-from-home after the COVID-19‭ ‬pandemic peak‭. ‬As the evaporation and drift losses of circulated water in air-conditioners are impossible to measure effectively‭, ‬they were ignored as consumption in the reported discharge‭. ‬The amount of water discharged was also 12.95‭ ‬ML in 2022‭, ‬and the water consumption was 0‭ ‬ML excluding the losses that were impossible to measure‭. ‬In 2022‭, ‬the Taiwan headquarters continued to communicate with the management committee of the park where the offices are located to implement relevant water-saving measures‭.‬

Note 1‭: ‬The organizations covered in the report were WT Technology Co‭., ‬Ltd‭., ‬Morrihan International Corp‭., ‬Techmosa International Inc‭., ‬Maxtek Technology Co‭., ‬Ltd‭, ‬Hongtech Electronics Co‭., ‬Ltd‭., ‬NuVision Technologies Inc‭., ‬Brillnics Inc‭. ‬and WT Group’s Joint Employee Welfare Committee‭, ‬the 12‭ ‬offices in Taiwan including Zhonghe and Hsinchu‭, ‬and‭, ‬newly-added in 2022‭, ‬Hong Kong Logistics Center‭. ‬Due to the nature of daily-life waster usage which account for the majority of WT’s water intake usage‭, ‬the coverage rate of water resources disclosure was measured by number of employees‭, ‬and the coverage rate was 38.17%‭ ‬in 2022‭.‬

Note 2‭: ‬For better-informed water resources management‭, ‬since 2021‭, ‬the water intake amount has been taken directly from the statement on the water bills‭, ‬while before 2020‭, ‬an estimate was made based on water charges and unit prices‭. ‬The water charges for‭ ‬the Taichung Office is allocated according to the proportion of the management fee collected by the management committee of the‭ ‬building where the office is located‭. ‬It is therefore impossible to get the actual water consumption in Taichung Office in a reasonable way‭. ‬As it accounts for a very low proportion of the total water intake‭, ‬it was not included in the report‭.‬

Note 3‭: ‬The water intake intensity was measured by floor area‭, ‬see Note 7‭ ‬of GHG Emissions Intensity‭.‬


WT Corporate Core Values and Principles

We adhere to a set of definite ethical guidelines‭. ‬Integrity is the fundamental core value of WT and the integral component for‭ ‬all decision-making‭. ‬We always behave honestly and sincerely in all our interactions‭.‬ We stand firm in our commitment to vendors‭, ‬customers‭, ‬employees‭, ‬shareholders and society as a whole‭.

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Reading program overcomes boundaries In 2022‭, ‬WT Education Foundation launched the One on One online reading program‭.‬ This project uses Internet technology to overcome the limitations of geographical barriers‭. ‬Volunteers are committed to weekly one-on-one sessions for school children in rural areas with aim to open up their horizons and

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Environmental Management

Carbon reduction standards were raised in line with the global trends. The Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission‭ (‬FSC‭) ‬released the Roadmap for the Sustainable Development of Listed Companies in March 2022‭. ‬However‭, ‬WT has already begun GHG inventory development as early as 2018‭ ‬and voluntarily extended the boundaries‭. ‬In 2022‭, ‬the

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Identification of Stakeholders

The expectations of stakeholders are valued for effective corporate sustainability practices. WT continues to involve stakeholders to ensure a communication and response mechanism is in place for sustainability issues‭. ‬WT‭ ‬followed the principles of AA1000‭ ‬Stakeholder Engagement Standard‭, ‬which are‭  ‬impact‭, ‬materiality‭, ‬inclusivity‭, ‬and responsiveness‭, ‬to identified key stakeholder groups‭.

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