Devoted employees are the biggest push behind the people-oriented company.

WT understands that PEOPLE are the most important asset of an enterprise‭, ‬and the biggest push for the company comes from devoted employees‭. ‬In order to create a better work environment for employees and attract professional talents to join the company‭, ‬WT‭ ‬follows the laws and regulations of the countries where its business bases are located‭, ‬as well as the Social Policy and Code of Conduct formulated to meet its commitment to safeguard labor rights‭. ‬Recruitment-related activities have been planned and executed according to the annual headcount plan of each department‭.‬

As of the end of 2022‭, ‬all the employees across WT’s operating sites are permanent and full-time hires‭. ‬There are no employees‭ ‬on fixed-term‭,  ‬part-time‭, ‬hourly paid‭, ‬or zero-hour contracts‭. ‬In Taiwan‭, ‬there are eleven cleaning workers who are dispatched‭ ‬by the cleaning contractor and not employed by WT‭, ‬and no non-employee workers of other nature‭. ‬A goal was set for 2023‭ ‬to collect complete information on the number of non-employee workers and the nature of their work across all the overseas bases‭, ‬so as‭ ‬to improve the manpower statistic‭.‬

WT’s four core people-oriented concepts

concept 1:Talents are sought through diversified channels and provided with complete‭ ‬education and training‭.‬

WT recruits talents aligned with WT’s core values via multiple channels including job bank websites‭, ‬online platforms‭ (‬such as‭ ‬LinkedIn‭, ‬CakeResume‭, ‬Blink‭, ‬etc‭.), ‬campus career centers‭, ‬partnerships with universities‭, ‬colleges‭, ‬departments‭, ‬as well as internal referrals‭. ‬A complete training and development plan is provided to ensure talents translate learning into performance effectively‭, ‬and thereupon build a talent pool ready for a rapidly-changing future‭.‬

In 2022‭, ‬WT Group’s recruitment practices were adapted to the COVID-19‭ ‬pandemic‭. ‬In addition to strengthened publicity through various recruitment platforms‭, ‬further efforts were also made on-line include‭:

In 2023‭, ‬WT Group will continue to advertise job vacancies to students via both on-campus and online recruitment presentations‭, ‬and EDM recruitment materials provided to colleges and universities‭. ‬It will also outreach to students by getting involved with‭ ‬student associations‭, ‬clubs and events‭.‬

concept 2:‬Out standing young talents are recruited to maintain corporate vitality‭.‬

In response to the rapid development‭, ‬WT secures a competitive edge for the future by keeping a talent pool‭  ‬in line with the group’s long-term development strategy‭, ‬and an optimized array in terms of level‭, ‬number and structure‭. ‬By the end of 2022‭, ‬after‭ ‬the acquisition of one subsidiary‭, ‬the number of WT Group employees has grown to 3,547‭, ‬an increase of 983‭ ‬employees‭, ‬or 38.34%‭,‬‭ ‬compared to 2021‭, ‬of which women accounted for 41.98%‭. ‬Women accounted for 30.07%‭ ‬of managers‭, ‬28.05%‭ ‬of mid-level managers or‭ ‬above‭, ‬23.50%‭ ‬of business supervisors‭, ‬and 45.15%‭ ‬of non-executive personnel‭. ‬Women also accounted for 15.85%‭ ‬of STEM employees‭ ‬‭(‬science‭, ‬technology‭, ‬engineering‭, ‬or mathematics‭). ‬Overall‭, ‬the proportions of females in all employees and management were both slightly higher in 2022‭ ‬than that in 2021‭.‬

To ensure equitable employment opportunities‭, ‬WT does not require job applicants or new hires to give information of their race‭ ‬or ethnicity when applying for a job and on-boarding‭. ‬Regarding the talent diversity indicators required by the Sustainability Accounting Disclosure Index‭ (‬SASB‭), ‬WT will keep a close eye on any revision direction and results of the International Sustainability Standards Board‭ (‬ISSB‭) ‬before further disclosing information relating to employee ethnicity or nation‭. ‬After the acquisition of Singapore subsidiary‭, ‬as of the end of 2022‭, ‬the number of employee countries were increased to seven countries‭. ‬In 2022‭, ‬‭ ‬a mentorship system and a new hire training program were introduced for new hires to strengthen the education and training on new hires‭. ‬See‭ “‬4-3-2‭ ‬Talent Development‭” ‬for details‭.‬

The average turnover rate was 11.67%‭ ‬in the past three years‭, ‬which has been kept healthy and stable‭. ‬In 2022‭, ‬the turnover rate‭ ‬was 9.64%‭, ‬or 342‭ ‬employees‭, ‬a new low in the past four years‭; ‬and the voluntary turnover rate was 9.59%‭, ‬or 340‭ ‬employees‭. ‬By‭ ‬gender‭, ‬there was a merely 1.80‭ ‬percentage point difference between the turnover rates of men and women‭; ‬by age‭, ‬the turnover rate was only 7.84%‭ ‬among those aged 50‭ ‬and over‭, ‬and a higher 12.17%‭ ‬among those under 30‭ ‬years old‭.‬

In response to the stable turnover rate and the company’s operational growth needs‭, ‬the employment rate was 15.28%‭, ‬or 542‭ ‬new hires‭, ‬in 2022‭. ‬By gender‭, ‬there is a merely 0.75‭ ‬percentage point difference between the employments rates of men and women‭; ‬by‭ ‬age‭, ‬as the operation expansion require a higher demand for young talents‭, ‬the employment rate was a higher 34.93%‭ ‬among those under 30‭, ‬but still some 2.16%‭ ‬among those aged 50‭ ‬and over‭.‬

Note 1: Employment rate = the number of new hires of the category in the year ÷ the total number of employees in the category at the end of the year.
Note 2: Turnover rate = the number of separating employees of the category in the year ÷ the total number of employees in the category at the end of the year.
Note 3: The numbers of new and departing employees both exclude those who were newly hired and departing in the same year.

concept 3:Professionals are respected‭, ‬and team is led with experience‭.‬

WT’s management is mainly made of professionals in the electronic information industry‭. ‬The marketing personnel at the front line have years of experience in trade marketing‭. ‬The professional logistics support and technology R&D personnel‭, ‬who are the proud of WT‭, ‬promote existing products‭, ‬strive for new agency lines and solve customer needs externally‭, ‬and continuously improve the financial business system internally‭. ‬The major managers have more than 10‭ ‬years of experience in the semiconductor trade industry‭. ‬The accumulated agency business and insight of market development trends gained over the years help them develop businesses and visions‭, ‬and continue to run the operations towards prosperity‭.‬

concept 4:Right talents are assigned the right jobs to give full play to their skills‭.‬

WT has been able to grow steadily and continues to pursue excellence in performance thanks to its professional service team‭. ‬WT‭ ‬develops‭, ‬maintains and utilizes all human resources in the organization in the most appropriate manner so that our people and pursuits can be most appropriately coordinated‭. ‬In order to give full play to the most effective use of human resources and promote organizational development‭, ‬WT has made every effort to develop human resources management‭, ‬with a view to achieving the goal‭ ‬of‭ To delegate the right tasks to the right people to unlock their full potential‭”.


Identification of Stakeholders

The expectations of stakeholders are valued for effective corporate sustainability practices. WT continues to involve stakeholders to ensure a communication and response mechanism is in place for sustainability issues‭. ‬WT‭ ‬followed the principles of AA1000‭ ‬Stakeholder Engagement Standard‭, ‬which are‭  ‬impact‭, ‬materiality‭, ‬inclusivity‭, ‬and responsiveness‭, ‬to identified key stakeholder groups‭.

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Inclusive Workplace

A work environment of mutual trust and respect between employers and employees is created through communication and trust. WT values the welfare and rights of its employees and actively promotes harmonious relations between management and labors‭. ‬Work‭ ‬rules and various management regulations have been formulated in accordance with the Labor

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Enhanced Information Security

A dedicated division was set up to strengthen information security management. In view of the growing importance of information security and increasingly rampant cyber attacks‭, ‬WT set up a dedicated Information Security Department and installed a Chief Information Security Officer at the level of deputy general manager in 2022‭. ‬The

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