Reading program overcomes boundaries

In 2022‭, ‬WT Education Foundation launched the One on One online reading program‭.‬

This project uses Internet technology to overcome the limitations of geographical barriers‭. ‬Volunteers are committed to weekly one-on-one sessions for school children in rural areas with aim to open up their horizons and provide them warm support‭.‬

The effort of WT Education Foundation is joined by DBS Bank‭, ‬Bao Chen Group‭, ‬Dyaco‭, ‬Puyong Archiland‭, ‬Tingfang Charity Care Association‭, ‬and Hsinyuan Foundation to establish online reading partnership in rural areas in Taiwan where resources are scarce‭.‬

At the beginning‭, ‬the Program worked with seven schools located in Yunlin‭, ‬Chiayi‭, ‬Changhua‭, ‬Taichung and the outer island of Penghu‭. ‬A total of 250‭ ‬schoolchildren and volunteers participated in the Program‭. ‬From the beginning of the school term in September to the end of the first semester‭, ‬the Program served as many as 4,358‭ ‬person-times‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬more than 500‭ ‬reading partners attended the reading partner meetup activities‭, ‬volunteer training‭, ‬and DIY activities for schoolchildren in the Program‭.‬

The social welfare units that cooperate with the school children in this program include World Vision Taiwan‭, ‬Taiwan Fund for Children and Families‭, ‬and the local churches‭. ‬They provide venue and identify the school children in need of help‭, ‬while WT Technology and the adopters contribute funds and donate books and computer equipment‭. ‬The volunteer reading partners are employees of‭ ‬adopting companies‭, ‬college students‭, ‬and mothers‭.‬

The online reading program involves volunteers‭’ ‬long-term stable engagement as the disadvantaged children’s company‭, ‬tutors and‭ ‬role models‭, ‬of which the children is deprived with their families‭. ‬On the other hand‭, ‬it also assists enterprises to establish‭ ‬a model of giving back to the society‭, ‬and provides opportunities for volunteers to show their enthusiasm and participate in social welfare‭. ‬For the volunteers‭, ‬participating in the Program is not only an act of charity and altruism‭, ‬but also a chance to learn and grow out of the interactions and mutual influence‭.‬


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