Talent Development

Complete career planning is offered with a blueprint for sustainable development of talents.

An enterprise’s development stems from its belief in talent cultivation‭. ‬WT group values the comprehensive development of employees and creates a work environment suitable for the right people‭. ‬In a fast-changing environment‭, ‬in order to equip the talent pool with the capacity to adapt to future changes‭, ‬WT has established a training and development plan to effectively translate learning into performance‭.‬

In 2022‭, ‬a total of NTD 4.5939‭ ‬million were invested in education and training‭, ‬and a total of 25,522‭ ‬hours‭, ‬and 847‭ ‬sessions‭, ‬of training were given to 25,809‭ ‬person-times‭.‬

By position‭, ‬junior managers received more hours of education and training than those of other positions‭, ‬while the average education and training hours of other positions are similar‭. ‬The average education and training hours of all employees were 7.20‭ ‬hours in 2022‭. ‬There was no significant gender difference in average training hours‭.‬

Talent Development Optimization Policy for 2022

Improve departmental On-the-Job Training awareness‭: ‬In addition to the company’s common training‭, ‬each department in Taiwan designs a department-specific product technology course according to the product and customer attributes it is responsible for‭, ‬covering product knowledge‭, ‬technical connotation‭, ‬experience sharing‭, ‬etc‭. ‬The total hours was 3,354‭ ‬hours in 2022‭.‬

Strengthen process optimization training‭: ‬The company is committed to improving the work efficiency of each operation procedures‭, ‬promoting digital optimization‭, ‬and strengthening education and training after the system goes online‭. ‬In 2022‭, ‬a total of 1,687‭ ‬hours of physical and digital learning were given to a total of 7,662‭ ‬person-times‭  ‬in Taiwan‭.‬

Want Talent program‭, ‬an all-round career development plan for elites

To provide a better career pathway program‭, ‬WT launched the‭ “‬Want Talent‭” ‬elite training program and recruited selected new graduates for the program‭. ‬In addition to soft skills and technical courses‭, ‬job rotation training and participation in important projects and large-scale conferences are organized for them to gain a‭  ‬comprehensive understanding of the core concepts of the company’s operation‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬senior executives and the human resources department will regularly show care for employees‭, ‬provide career guidance‭, ‬and plan individual advancement goals and development‭, ‬so that they may be in a changing and challenging work environment‭. ‬At the same time‭, ‬salary adjustment and rank promotion has been made according to performance and market standard of the individual‭, ‬providing market competitive salary and fair benefits‭. ‬As of the end of 2022‭, ‬a total of 28‭ ‬employees have‭ ‬been trained in the program‭.‬

Enhanced New Hire Training Program

Employees are provided with diverse online and offline learning resources

With the advent of the digital era‭, ‬WT introduced the WT e-Learning Academy‭, ‬a digital learning platform that combines online and in-person learning‭. ‬Over the past three years‭, ‬due to the pandemic‭, ‬learning styles have changed and the proportion of digital‭ ‬learning has increased‭. ‬Based on WT’s training and development plan‭, ‬WT e-Learning Academy has established courses in five categories‭, ‬combining e-newsletters‭, ‬knowledge center‭, ‬and online courses to integrate internal and external resources and enrich the platform’s contents‭, ‬while becoming a platform for linking WT’s knowledge transmission and communication‭. ‬WT will continue to‭ ‬refine and hold regular course planning workshops in the hope of providing richer training resources to all employees through continuous innovation‭.‬


Analysis of material issues

The 19 sustainability issues were surveyed to understand stakeholders’ level of interest In order to understand key stakeholders‭’ ‬concerns and expectations on WT’s sustainability management‭, ‬the 19‭ ‬sustainability issues were made into a questionnaire asking respondents to rank the sustainability issues by their own level of interests and concerns‭. ‬The

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Reading program overcomes boundaries In 2022‭, ‬WT Education Foundation launched the One on One online reading program‭.‬ This project uses Internet technology to overcome the limitations of geographical barriers‭. ‬Volunteers are committed to weekly one-on-one sessions for school children in rural areas with aim to open up their horizons and

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Inclusive Workplace

A work environment of mutual trust and respect between employers and employees is created through communication and trust. WT values the welfare and rights of its employees and actively promotes harmonious relations between management and labors‭. ‬Work‭ ‬rules and various management regulations have been formulated in accordance with the Labor

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2050 Net Zero Emissions Commitment and Decarbonization Pathways

Emissions Commitment and Decarbonization Pathways WT Microelectronics is committed to the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 through reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy. We have set ambitious near-term and long-term targets to achieve this goal: WT Microelectronics is committed to

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