Health Management

Health of every employee is valued with prevention and promotion measures.

WT currently has a full-time health manager in Taiwan to plan and promote employee health management‭. ‬In addition to providing health check consultation and advice to employees‭, ‬doctors are also invited to the company every month for medical consultation services‭. ‬Employees are entitled to a health check expense subsidy once every year‭, ‬which is better than required by the laws and‭ ‬regulations‭. ‬There is also a flexible accumulation system‭, ‬allowing employees to choose from a wider range of checkup items with the amount accumulated for up to two years‭. ‬In the middle of 2021‭, ‬due to a severe COVID-19‭ ‬outbreak‭, ‬the annual health checkup program was suspended in order to protect the safety of employees‭, ‬so the annual health checkup rate was a relatively low of 28%‭. ‬In 2022‭, ‬as the COVID-19‭ ‬situation improved‭, ‬it was resumed after evaluating and considering a number of matters‭, ‬and the checkup rate was as high as 83%‭.‬

A variety of health checkup packages‭ (‬such as cardiovascular programs‭, ‬gastroenteroscopy programs‭, ‬etc‭.) ‬were planned and provided to employees to choose from‭. ‬After the health checkup‭, ‬a professional team will analyze and explain the report‭, ‬define management standard by health checkup result levels‭, ‬and give appropriate treatment accordingly‭; ‬Level 1‭ ‬is normal‭, ‬Level 2‭ ‬will be given occupational health education guidance‭, ‬Level 3‭ ‬be given occupational medical consultation and health education‭, ‬and Level 4‭ ‬be referred to specialized medical attention or treatment after an occupational medical interview‭.‬

The epidemic situation in 2022‭ ‬was still not taken lightly‭. ‬Continuous environmental disinfection operations and epidemic prevention safety and health management were still the top priorities‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬free Oriental Influenza Cell Culture Vaccines were‭ ‬offered to 323‭ ‬individuals‭. ‬The health lectures which used to be held in-person were video-recorded and put on the online education and training platform for employees to learn healthcare and well-being knowledge‭. ‬To assist employees who were ill with COVID-19‭ ‬or under inconvenient quarantine‭, ‬care boxes were offered‭, ‬and a dedicated person was appointed to provide necessary assistance during the period‭. ‬Since June 2022‭, ‬448‭ ‬boxes have been sent out‭ (‬as of February 2023‭). ‬Each office has an emergency contact person‭, ‬who was appointed to provide effective first aid instructions in case of emergency‭. ‬Otherwise‭, ‬there are blood pressure gauges available at designated locations to look after the health of employees at any time‭. ‬WT also put in place multi-functional classrooms exclusively accessible by employees‭, ‬and organizes various sports courses to encourage employees to develop good‭ ‬exercise habits‭, ‬and enhances their awareness of self-health management‭.‬

In 2023‭, ‬physical therapists are planned to be invited on-site every quarter to provide guidance on the prevention of ergonomic‭ ‬hazards‭, ‬dress and bandage in the case of muscle soreness and discomfort after exercise‭, ‬and give advice on how to exercise correctly‭. ‬The frequency of on-site visits will be increased subject to the needs of employees‭.‬

Four major plans for employee health protection

Maternal health protection program

WT Taiwan employees‭, ‬including cleaning and other contractors‭, ‬are all eligible for WT’s four major health protection plans‭. ‬There is no shift or night work‭. ‬In addition to maternity inspection leave‭, ‬employees are entitled to maternity leave and parental‭ ‬leave as specified by the laws and regulations‭. ‬The Maternal Health Protection Plan was introduced to ensure the childcare-work‭ ‬balance for female employees‭. ‬The Plan provides dedicated nursing rooms‭, ‬professional health and safety consultations during pregnancy‭, ‬postpartum and lactation periods during maternal health protection‭, ‬as well as priority parking spaces and other maternity-friendly work environment measures‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬related publications in the reading area are available for borrowing‭, ‬such as Mombaby‭, ‬Parenting magazines‭, ‬etc‭..‬

Prevention of abnormal workload-triggered diseases

In order to avoid abnormal workloads‭, ‬supervisors at all levels are required to take the initiative to care for the labor conditions of employees‭. ‬Any health problems may be reported to the health manager for assistance and care‭. ‬Health consultation and abnormal workload assessment are available during the monthly doctor consultation service‭.‬

Illegal infringement prevention‭ ‬

WT posts related announcements in the workplace‭, ‬and clearly stipulates the complaint hotline and dedicated e-mail in the work rules‭. ‬If an employee is sexually harassed‭, ‬stalked or illegally violated in the performance of duties‭, ‬a complain may be filed‭. ‬In order to protect the rights and interests of the complainant‭, ‬the person who accepts the complaint will handle it in a confidential manner‭, ‬and will not disclose the name of the complainant or other relevant information sufficient to identify the complainant‭. ‬the person receiving the complaint shall make a written record of the handling of the case‭, ‬and follow the guidelines for‭ ‬the prevention of illegal infringement in the performance of his or her duties‭. ‬The relevant proceeding records shall be kept for three years‭.‬

Prevention of ergonomic hazards‭ 

The nature of WT’s work is mainly static work in the office area for a long time‭, ‬which may have impacts on chronic muscle‭, ‬fascia‭, ‬and intervertebral discs‭. ‬WT provides employees with adjustable desks and chairs to reduce the risk of such ergonomic hazards‭. ‬The workstation can be adjusted according to individual needs‭, ‬so that workers can work according to correct vision and healthy posture‭. ‬There are also standing rest office areas to reduce sitting time‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬seven robot vacuum cleaners were purchased for the cleaning staff to reduce repetitive gestures‭.‬

Relevant awareness posters have been posted on the health bulletin board on each floor‭. ‬Professional physical therapists are planned to be invited to provide one-on-one consultation and health education in 2023‭ ‬to adjust incorrect posture‭, ‬relieve discomfort‭, ‬and provide treatment when necessary‭, ‬such as fastening to relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome‭.‬

Health promotion

WT organized a weight loss game from March to May 2017‭ ‬which was participated enthusiastically by a total of 197‭ ‬individuals and‭ ‬46‭ ‬groups‭. ‬The game lasted for three months and saw a total of 534‭ ‬kilograms lost‭. ‬Encouraged by the success in 2017‭ ‬and in response to the impact of the epidemic on lifestyle and pace in recent years‭, ‬WT decided to organize another weight loss game and offer more competitions and prizes‭, ‬so that employees can improve their health and physical fitness through the weight loss event‭.‬

A series of weight loss activities were held from October 2022‭ ‬to January 2023‭. ‬During the 15-week game period‭, ‬weekly challenge‭ ‬tasks were offered with point collection activities‭, ‬healthy exercise courses‭. ‬Those who achieve good results every week received healthy meals for one week‭, ‬and those who achieve the goals will receive points to be collected‭.‬

During the weight loss‭, ‬due to the gradually increased difficulty of the task challenges‭, ‬many contestants had the idea of giving up‭. ‬However‭, ‬every time they gathered for weighing‭, ‬they cheered each other up‭, ‬shared experiences‭, ‬and exchanged weight loss‭ ‬tips‭. ‬Heartwarming and vying at the same time‭, ‬the game increased interaction and communication among employees‭. ‬The contestants‭ ‬hung on in until they saw the amount of weight lost from the weighing scale with a sense of achievement‭. ‬Some people were moved‭ ‬to tears when they saw their own photos before and after weight loss on the results day‭. ‬The weight loss game came to a perfect‭ ‬ending with vigorous rounds of applause‭.‬

The game strives for healthy weight loss and effective fat loss‭. ‬In order to allow employees to lose weight and fat step by step‭, ‬professional coaches were commissioned to design exercise courses‭, ‬which include systematic aerobic exercise and muscle strength training for muscle gain and fat loss‭. ‬The contestants were also provided dietary advice and physical sculpture guidance in accordance with personal physical conditions‭.‬

Several award winners mentioned in their testimonials that they successfully lost weight thanks to their own willpower and perseverance‭, ‬as well as mutual encouragement among employees‭, ‬and that healthy diet and proper exercise are the only ways to lose weight‭. ‬Apparently‭, ‬the weight loss game not only achieved the goal of health promotion‭, ‬but also enhanced the revolutionary sentiment among employees‭. ‬Health is more than the decreasing readings on the scale at the end of the game‭, ‬but a matter of long-term‭ ‬struggle‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬a‭ “‬Persistence Award‭” ‬was put in place for those who maintained health without regaining weight‭. ‬The game‭ ‬had a limited time and incentives‭, ‬but it is WT’s relentless pursuit to keep every employee healthy‭. ‬The game was participated by a total of 423‭ ‬individuals and 85‭ ‬groups from the Taiwan headquarters‭. ‬By the end of the game‭, ‬the total weight loss was 890‭ ‬kg‭. ‬The number of participants and total weight loss have both increased significantly compared to 2017‭.‬


Workplace Safety

Hazards are prevented to create a safe and safe workplace for employees. WT adheres to the occupational safety and health‭ (‬OSH‭) ‬policy of‭ “protecting employees and preventing hazards‭”. ‬It put in place‭ ‬an OSH system pursuant to the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Law‭, ‬and appoints OSH managers‭, ‬fire protection

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Identification of Stakeholders

The expectations of stakeholders are valued for effective corporate sustainability practices. WT continues to involve stakeholders to ensure a communication and response mechanism is in place for sustainability issues‭. ‬WT‭ ‬followed the principles of AA1000‭ ‬Stakeholder Engagement Standard‭, ‬which are‭  ‬impact‭, ‬materiality‭, ‬inclusivity‭, ‬and responsiveness‭, ‬to identified key stakeholder groups‭.

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Water Resource Management

Active implementation and education have achieved remarkable results in water conservation. The water intake at WT’s operating bases in Taiwan are mainly used for circulated water of air conditioners and daily-life water‭ ‬consumed by employees in office areas‭. ‬The water is entirely sourced from the local water companies‭ (‬fresh water‭)

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Inclusive Workplace

A work environment of mutual trust and respect between employers and employees is created through communication and trust. WT values the welfare and rights of its employees and actively promotes harmonious relations between management and labors‭. ‬Work‭ ‬rules and various management regulations have been formulated in accordance with the Labor

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