Employee Relations

Employees are brought closer with diversified community activities.

WT has seven major clubs‭. ‬They offer exclusive courses and activities for their members‭, ‬as well as a wide range of activities with different themes‭, ‬large and small‭, ‬for all employees to join‭. ‬A variety of public interest activities are organized to advocate environmental protection and social care‭, ‬during which employees may relax and have fun through meaningful club activities‭, ‬and build family and parent-child relations‭. ‬The club general assembly held at the beginning of each year allow new employees to‭ ‬know and choose their favorite clubs to join‭. ‬The company makes continuous efforts to seek breakthroughs and set up more different types of clubs for a diversified all-round development‭, ‬so that employees may enjoy hobbies and physical and mental relaxation after work‭.‬

Club activities are actively promoted to foster chemistry between colleagues.

Annual WT Cup badminton and basketball games were held to promote health‭ ‬and sports‭.‬

Annual WT Cup badminton and basketball games were organized to enhance communication and entertainment among employees through competitions‭. ‬The company provides prize money‭, ‬trophies‭, ‬medals and a fully-equipped venue‭, ‬so that employees can experience the‭ ‬atmosphere of a formal competition‭. ‬Customers and manufacturers are widely invited to team up and participate in the games‭, ‬so‭ ‬as to build friendship in the court or field‭, ‬enhance interaction‭, ‬letting go of work pressure‭, ‬and share pure enthusiasm for sports‭. ‬In order to promote ball games‭, ‬WT Cup Friendship Games are planned to be held in 2023‭. ‬The match format and scale will be‭ ‬adjusted and partner companies invited to form teams for round-robin matches‭. ‬WT values and promotes health and sports to a broader extent‭.‬

Marathon Club‭: ‬Challenging self limits

The club participated in five marathon competitions in 2022‭, ‬including Sanchong National Marathon‭, ‬Alishan Cloud Road Run‭, ‬New Taipei City Railway Marathon Relay‭, ‬Far East New Century Classic Marathon‭, ‬and Suhua Marathon Road Race‭. ‬The club has two boss-level runners‭. ‬The club president Chang Jiajun won the seventh place in the Soochow International Ultra-marathon 2022‭, ‬and the club member Lu Shimiao‭, ‬ranked 86th among the top 100‭ ‬women Marathon runners in Taiwan‭, ‬won the championship in the Sanchong National Marathon in District‭.‬

Many employees who have long been fond of road running often participate in large and small competitions‭, ‬encourage each other to finish the competition‭, ‬and exchange health care and sports information with each other‭. ‬It is their enthusiasm after work‭. ‬The company also provides subsidies and publicity to invite more employees to participate‭, ‬in hope to make sports-loving one of its key elements and a part of WT spirits‭.‬

Physical and mental health of employees are cared for with flower arrangements and‭ ‬low-carbon diet cooking

The flower arrangement club holds flower arrangement courses from time to time‭. ‬The extensive courses provide a variety of plant‭ ‬knowledge‭, ‬and increase the awareness of the crucial role of green plants in slowing down global warming and effectively improving the green atmosphere in the office‭. ‬Green life is contributed by practices in all aspects‭. ‬When employees brought their own‭ ‬pots to redecorate‭, ‬they did not only give the pots a new chance‭, ‬but also put the concept of recycling and reuse into practice‭.‬‭ ‬On the occasion of Thanksgiving‭, ‬a pressed flower plate making session was organized from the perspective of‭ “‬food‭”. ‬Through plate making‭, ‬gratitude and respect were expressed for the food and everyone of us who have worked so hard for it‭. ‬Not wasting food is an act of conservation‭, ‬as it eventually reduces carbon emissions‭. ‬The Cooking Club has a series of courses centered around‭ ‬the theme of eating vegetables for better health‭. ‬With healthy low-carbon diet as the main orientation‭, ‬it advocates healthy diet among employees‭. ‬The employees are taught to select seasonal and local ingredients‭, ‬get a variety of whole food whenever possible‭, ‬and purchase and eat in moderation without wasting‭, ‬as keeping a healthy low-carbon diet contribute to the protection of earth as well as the health of the employees and their own families‭.‬

Weekly Fruit Day is offered for employees‭’ ‬health and diet in partnership with small farmers‭.‬

Selected fresh delicious drinks without safety concerns are provided‭. ‬Coffees are prepared with top Swiss automatic coffee machines using carefully selected quality coffee beans that have passed SGS toxin tests‭. ‬Tea drinks are brewed from organic tea from‭ ‬a non-toxic natural farming plantation in Ruisui‭, ‬Hualien‭. ‬High-quality fresh milk drinks certified with FSSC 22000‭ ‬Food Safety‭ ‬Management System are strictly checked for impurities and expiration date upon arrival to ensure that employees enjoy the safest‭ ‬and healthiest fresh milk‭.‬

WT is committed to advocating the importance of balanced meals and breakfast‭. ‬Breakfast bar events were organized to provide a variety of healthy and balanced meals‭. ‬With the concept of‭ “‬eat less meat and more vegetables‭; ‬reduce carbon and increase health‭”‬‭, ‬plant-based diet activities were held to promote low carbon diet and serve the purpose of energy saving‭, ‬carbon reduction‭, ‬health enhancement‭, ‬and physical burden alleviation‭. ‬This year‭, ‬an elaborate breakfast bar was arranged for Christmas‭. ‬While senior‭ ‬executives dressed in Santa Claus served meals‭, ‬employees enjoyed a delicious breakfast and received Christmas gifts‭, ‬making it‭ ‬an unforgettable Christmas with a double surprise‭.‬

On the weekly Fruit Day‭, ‬healthy and safe fresh fruits from our small long-term partner farmers in central Taiwan are offered to‭ ‬the employees‭. ‬The direct fruit procurement from the place of origin improve the farmers‭’ ‬income‭, ‬so that they can focus on growing healthier and more delicious fruits‭, ‬reduce the use of pesticides and allow the land rest‭. ‬Direct delivery from the place of origin also reduces food carbon footprint‭.‬

While the fruits are distributed‭, ‬their grower’s story is told and words shared‭. ‬The transparent production and marketing creates an emotional bond between employees and the fruits in their hands‭. ‬In 2022‭, ‬a total of 16.13‭ ‬metric tons of fresh fruit were purchased‭. ‬From the launch of Fruit Day to the end of 2022‭, ‬a total of 74.18‭ ‬metric tons of fruit have been purchased to benefit‭ ‬20‭ ‬fruit farmers‭.‬

Mutual benefits are reached from the partnership with 20 fruit farmers.


Yang‭, ‬Shih-Feng


Taiping District‭, ‬Taichung City

Liu‭, ‬Wen-Pin

Ganglu pear

Juolan Town‭, ‬Miaoli County

Lin‭, ‬Chi-Wei


Kunglungshan‭, ‬Nanshi Village‭, ‬Heping District‭, ‬Taichung City‭ (‬700m of altitude‭)‬

Ku‭, ‬Chen-Hsiung

Grape‭, ‬star fruit

Neiwan Village‭, ‬Juolan Township‭, ‬Miaoli County‭ (‬Chenhsiung Farm‭)‬

Lin‭, ‬Shu-mei

Hongyu peach‭, ‬ponkan‭, ‬fremont

Nanshi Village‭, ‬Heping District‭, ‬Taichung City‭ (‬at 16‭ ‬km on Central Cross-Island Highway‭)‬

Chan‭, ‬Yu-Hua

Ganglu pear

Dapingding‭, ‬Neiwan Village‭, ‬Juolan Town‭, ‬Miaoli County

Chen‭, ‬Sheng-Te

Red dragon fruit

Yuanlin City‭, ‬Changhua County

Ku‭, ‬Jui-Yu

Honey apple‭, ‬watermelon plum

Fushoushan‭, ‬Taichung City

Chung‭, ‬Chang-Wen

Gold sweet cherry tomato

Meinong District‭, ‬Kaohsiung City

Lin‭, ‬Mei-Ling

Cherry tomato

Meinong District‭, ‬Kaohsiung City

Shih‭, ‬Kun-Hsin

Cherry tomato‭, ‬melon

Mailiao Township‭, ‬Yunlin County

Lin‭, ‬Fang-Ying

Strawberry Daifuku

Dahu Township‭, ‬Miaoli County

Miu‭, ‬Ya-Chuan

Emperor guava

Dongbian Village‭, ‬Taiping District‭, ‬Taichung City

Tseng‭, ‬Man-Jung

Emperor guava

Heping District‭, ‬Taichung City

Chang‭, ‬Chia-Liang


Douliu City‭, ‬Yunlin County

Lin‭, ‬Chang-Jung


Heping District‭, ‬Taichung City

Fu‭, ‬Wen-Ta

Fu pear

Lishan Village‭, ‬Heping District‭, ‬Taichung City

Liu‭, ‬Hsing-Lung

Maogu tangerine‭, ‬Wangchiu pear

Dongshi District‭, ‬Taichung City

Wen‭, ‬Yin-Hsing

Hsinhsing pear

Juolan Town‭, ‬Miaoli County

Tsou‭, ‬Hsiu-Yueh


Juolan Town‭, ‬Miaoli County

Arts and culture are promoted to cultivate multicultural literacy

Reading motivates advancement‭!‬

WT Library focuses on promoting the development of reading habits‭, ‬and regularly adds books in various fields every month‭, ‬so that employees can cultivate humanistic qualities‭, ‬relax their body and mind‭, ‬and broaden relevant knowledge in their spare time‭. ‬The company has a spacious‭, ‬bright and comfortable rest space‭, ‬where employees may take a break from work‭, ‬enjoy a free cup of coffee or other drinks‭, ‬read a magazine‭, ‬so as to open their mind to new ideas‭.‬

Concerts were organized for public interests and arts promotion‭.‬

The 2222‭ – ‬Future Choice original sustainable concept exhibition tickets were given out for employees to acquire knowledge from‭ ‬different sources‭, ‬and improve interaction with their families‭. ‬Supports were given to both arts and charity through the World Citizen Academy Concert‭, ‬Tribute to the Giants Concert‭, ‬and WT x DBS‭  ‬Chinese New Year Public Welfare Group Promotion Concert‭.‬

(Right photo) WT Foundation Chairman David Yang attended the OX Nativa Concert co-organized by WT and DBS Bank.

Sense of celebration and ritual was created to surprise the employees‭.‬

In addition to the year-end bonus‭, ‬a series of festivities were organized to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022‭, ‬one of which involved a team challenge requiring timely accomplishment of a mission‭. ‬It was an efficient team building exercise‭, ‬and effective training for concentration and calmness‭. ‬Another activity was Spin the Luck‭. ‬Employees can scan the QR Code with their mobile phones to play lucky wheel and win charity products and practical gifts‭. ‬The generous prizes‭, ‬convenient access‭, ‬and festive surprises attracted a lot of participation‭.‬



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Employee Relations

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