Workplace Safety

Hazards are prevented to create a safe and safe workplace for employees.

WT adheres to the occupational safety and health‭ (‬OSH‭) ‬policy of‭ protecting employees and preventing hazards‭”. ‬It put in place‭ ‬an OSH system pursuant to the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Law‭, ‬and appoints OSH managers‭, ‬fire protection administrators‭, ‬first-aid personnel‭, ‬etc‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬an OSH Committee was established in accordance with the laws and regulations with members including OSH managers‭, ‬heads of departments‭, ‬supervisors‭, ‬command personnel‭, ‬OSH-related technical personnel‭, ‬medical personnel engaged in labor health services‭, ‬and labor representatives‭. ‬The employee representatives account for 30%‭ ‬of the Committee members‭, ‬and four meetings in total were held in 2022‭. ‬Regular analyses are performed to identify potential risks and possible hazards of operations in the work environment‭. ‬The work safety operation flow chart is reviewed for hazard causes‭, ‬in‭ ‬order to classify possible hazards and prevent them so as to achieve the goal of zero disasters‭.‬

Facilities can not be activated until passing strict safety compliance assessment‭.‬

Before construction starts‭, ‬WT always conducts a complete safety assessment‭, ‬requires the signing of a safety and health commitment letter‭, ‬and plans emergency exit routes instructions and indicators‭, ‬fire protection facilities‭, ‬surveillance equipment‭, ‬fire and security alarm systems‭. ‬User license will not be issued until all the specifications are met‭.‬

Zero accidents were recorded for three consecutive years‭.‬

In 2022‭, ‬no disabling injuries were reported from any of WT’s operating bases in Taiwan‭. ‬Therefore‭, ‬the occupational injury deaths‭, ‬disabling injuries‭, ‬total case incident rate‭ (‬TRIR‭), ‬and lost time injury rate‭ (‬LTIR‭) ‬were all zero‭. ‬No work-related injuries were reported among suppliers and contractors who worked in WT’s offices or logistics centers either‭, ‬with thus 0‭ ‬TRIR and LTIR‭.‬

Regular drills and training are held to strengthen employees‭’ ‬safety awareness and crisis management‭.‬

In order to ensure that all employees are familiar with OSH laws and regulations and the company’s safety and health management‭ ‬mechanism‭, ‬WT Taiwan regularly conducts safety-related training and drills‭. ‬Refresher training is scheduled for OSH managers‭, ‬fire protection administrators‭, ‬and first-aid personnel in accordance with the laws and regulations‭.‬

Total Hours of Course
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Occupational Safety and Health Management personnel



Occupational Safety and Health‭ ‬Affair managers



Nursing skills



Nursing Laws and Regulations



Nursing ethics


Labor Health Service Personnel‭ - ‬Occupational Safety and Health Laws and Regulations


Risk prevention has been properly planned with adequate security inspection measures‭.‬

Pursuant to fire protection laws and regulations‭, ‬WT has installed adequate protective facilities in the workplace‭, ‬divided fire‭ ‬prevention management into zones‭, ‬and appointed responsible employees on each floor to conduct a periodic key-point inspection‭ ‬every month to prevent accidents from happening‭. ‬Relevant persons are sent to participate in the fire drill and training held by‭ ‬the management committee every year to be informed of the Park’s emergency exit and evacuation plan‭. ‬A third-party fire protection institute is commissioned to carry out maintenance and reporting‭, ‬and a fire protection job assignment and drill is organized in March and July every year to strengthen all employees‭’ ‬emergency evacuation and response capabilities‭. ‬In 2022‭, ‬a night-time security patrol routine by dedicated personnel was introduced to check that unnecessary power supplies and lights in the office are turned off at night‭. ‬The three logistics centers‭ (‬Taiwan‭, ‬Hong Kong‭, ‬and Shenzhen‭) ‬have all completed the fire extinguisher demonstration and hands-on training‭, ‬and conducted fire drills‭.‬

WT's routine OSH management inspection measures


· Implement access control system management‭, ‬and require visitors to use temporary visitor identification badge and register upon‭ ‬entering and exiting restricted areas
· Clean and sanitize meeting rooms and public areas
· Require employees to take temperature and fill out health declaration questionnaire
· Conduct daily fire inspections
· Have night-time security patrols by dedicated personnel


· Provide on-site physician services
· Implement vehicle safety inspection
· Inspect emergency evacuation facilities
· Conduct inspections of fire safety equipment


· Convene the OSH Committee to review the implementation progress of relevant strategies and programs


· Conduct fire drills
· Have carpets and environment cleaned


.Test and maintain fire safety equipment
· Convene an OSH meeting to review, coordinate and advise employees on safety and health matters, and formulate an annual safety and health plan
· Have air conditioner maintenance
· Sanitize the entire office area


· Check buildings for public safety


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