Foreword from Our CEO

Continuous Learning and Improvement

We have only one Earth! Any upheaval is a relevant and meaningful wake-up call that challenges a business entity to strive for better operation.

Amid the current pandemic, environmental landscape shifts, unpredictable climate risks, energy supply crises, and changes in the industry’s developments, I am very pleased to see that WT Microelectronics’ team achieved a new record of business revenue once again in 2021.

It is particularly important to note that, in the face of the global focus on ESG, the Earth’s sustainability is the sustainability of business, and that sustainability is our daily pursuit. The Earth nurtures all things, and all things are contained in one planet. As a link in the supply chain and engaging in economic activities on the planet, we as human beings advocate not to harm the Earth, but to work hard and coexist with the environment, respect each other, and expand our enterprise’s care for our planet’s sustainability.

This year, first and foremost, we set up the “WT Microelectronics’ ESG Sustainable Development Group” and the Group Director position. The roles of the job are assuming responsibility for the coordination and the planning of economic, environmental and social sustainability issues, keeping abreast of ESG trends and inter-departmental cooperation, and eventually perfectly implanting ESG policies in Taiwan that align with international guidelines.

I firmly commit to doing what is right. Sustainability is not just a cost but the key to survival. Only when we’re willing to invest in the future, we will not be eliminated by our times. Global uncertainty was extremely high in 2021 due to COVID-19, and we continue to cope with the fallout from new variants since the initial outbreaks in 2020. We are learning how to respond to changes and adapt accordingly in both good times and bad.

The world is changing so fast that the rebound of the global economy as a whole will produce an uneven development trend and urge us to pay attention to the environment, society, and corporate governance. Each key and its linkages will require the consensus and communication of each member of the organization to contribute to the efforts bit by bit.

WT’s ranking in the top 5% of Taiwan’s corporate governance assessment for two consecutive years (2020 and 2021) is encouraging and recognition of the company’s achievements. There is still room for improvement in four major assessment indicators in four major assessment indicators, including safeguarding shareholders’ interests, strengthening the structure and operation of the Board of Directors, enhancing information transparency and implementing corporate social responsibility. Our team has been recognized for their hard work and will continue to play a key role in the face of various challenges and changes in the future.

No one is excluded from the impact of global climate change. We must leverage the enterprise’s advantages and choose an active learning journey so that each employee can grow in his or her career and the enterprise can grow strong and stable, as well as contribute to the needs of the environment and society along with our country’s policy. Every step we take now is a cornerstone for a sustainable future for WT’s sustainable future.

Leadership team


Climate Change Response

Promote TCFD project to initiate climate change management The risks of climate change brought about by global warming may cause unanticipated operational impacts. As an important enterprise in the electronic product distribution business, WT should play a leading role at both the top and bottom of the chain the top and bottom of the chain, and at the same time fully understanding the risks and opportunities that climate change may bring in the electronic industry

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Analysis of important disclosure issues

Survey on 18 sustainability issues, 495 valid questionnaires returned In order to understand the concerns and expectations of important stakeholders on sustainability at WT, a survey questionnaire covering 18 sustainability issues was developed with reference to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and related issues in the industry, as well as information collected from sustainability reports of other related enterprise. The survey was sent to stakeholders via the responsible department, and 495 valid questionnaires were returned

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A Photography-Inspired Learning Program by WT Foundation At first I thought that photography was just a way to teach children skills, but later I realized that photography is actually a vehicle that provides many things and has a great impact! ―― Chairman of the WT Foundation, David Yang Based on the spirit of “diversified development, happy learning” and “caring for the disadvantaged and giving back to society”, we are involved in education in remote areas

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Operations Profile

Strong revenue streams Selected as one of the top 500 high-growth companies in Asia Pacific by 2021 Established in 1993, WT Microelectronics is a leading professional service provider focusing on the global semiconductor distribution industry. By providing superior supply chain management services to both vendors and customers, WT has successfully positioned itself as a pivotal liaison, bridging upstream and downstream partners. Aiming to co-define the product marketing strategy with upstream vendors as well as to

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