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WT Microelectronics'(hereafter abbreviated as WT)2021 Sustainability Report (hereafter referred to as ″this report″)is as follows:


The information contained herein follows and was written according to the GRI standards (GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards) of the 2021 Sustainability Report (hereafter referred to as ″this report″). This report is also based on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Multiline and Specialty Retailers and Distributors (MSR) Industry and the Task Force on Climate Change-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) for the consumer goods sector.


This report was first issued in 2017 and has since been issued annually. It is based on the overall performance of WT group’s operations based in Taiwan with subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, South Asia, Korea, and Japan, throughout the period from January 1st to December 31st, 2021, in terms of economic, social and environmental performances. The significant are disclosed as Taiwan, Hong Kong, the PRC, South Asia, Korea and Japan, and are not otherwise specified in subsequent reports. In addition, the comparability of information and data for the last five years are considered and disclosed. Some performance information is only disclosed for the first three years due to the information not yet being collected by the system or the accuracy of the data not yet able to be confirmed.


The sustainability information and performance disclosed in this report have also been disclosed in the ESG section of WT’s website. The financial data disclosed in the operating performance report has been audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan (PwC Taiwan) and is based on the financial report information certified by the accountant. Other relevant data in this report were obtained by the members of WT’s disclosure team, and are described in the usual way and rounded to the nearest dollar.


This report was compiled by the disclosure team and summarized by the Executive Secretary of the WT Microelectronics Sustainable Development Team. It was confirmed to be correct by the disclosure team and submitted to the Chief Sustainability Officer for review and final approval by the Directors.


This report has been assured by the British Standards Institution Taiwan (BSI Taiwan) under the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines “Core Option” Adherence Standard and AA1000 AS v3 Type 1 Moderate Assurance Level. They confirmed that this report meets the requirements of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (see page 108 for assurance report).

Previous report release date: June 2021 Current report release date: June 2022
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Stakeholder Meeting

5 Key Facets to Identify Key Stakeholders Through the AA1000 SES standard, WT identifies important stakeholders through five significant aspects: “responsibility, influence, tension, diverse viewpoints, and dependability”. Key stakeholders are identified into five categories: shareholders/banks, customers, employees, upstream suppliers, and other suppliers. 5 categories of key stakeholder meeting results The five types of stakeholders encompass different values and interactions with WT’s operations. By negotiating through various communication methods, different departments continued to communicate and cooperate

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Climate Change Response

Promote TCFD project to initiate climate change management The risks of climate change brought about by global warming may cause unanticipated operational impacts. As an important enterprise in the electronic product distribution business, WT should play a leading role at both the top and bottom of the chain the top and bottom of the chain, and at the same time fully understanding the risks and opportunities that climate change may bring in the electronic industry

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A Photography-Inspired Learning Program by WT Foundation At first I thought that photography was just a way to teach children skills, but later I realized that photography is actually a vehicle that provides many things and has a great impact! ―― Chairman of the WT Foundation, David Yang Based on the spirit of “diversified development, happy learning” and “caring for the disadvantaged and giving back to society”, we are involved in education in remote areas

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Workplace Safety

Proactive training to prevent problems before they occur No work-related injuries for 3 consecutive years WT adheres to an occupational safety and health policy of “protecting employees and preventing hazards,” and promotes the occupational safety system in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. We analyze potential hazards and possible hazards in operations, the causes of hazards in the flowchart of work safety operations, and possible types of hazards to be

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