Analysis of important disclosure issues

Survey on 18 sustainability issues, 495 valid questionnaires returned

In order to understand the concerns and expectations of important stakeholders on sustainability at WT, a survey questionnaire covering 18 sustainability issues was developed with reference to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and related issues in the industry, as well as information collected from sustainability reports of other related enterprise. The survey was sent to stakeholders via the responsible department, and 495 valid questionnaires were returned for WT to comprehend stakeholders’major concerns.

Aggregate key stakeholder’s concerns and assess the level of impact

We conducted statistics and analyses on the stakeholders’sustainability questionnaires to compile their level of concerns. After discussions led by WT’s 15 senior executives, the extent of possible economic, environmental and social impacts and the likelihood of occurrence of each issue were evaluated with respect to each issue.

We have compiled the concerns of important stakeholders and evaluated the impact and potential of sustainability issues on the economic/environmental/social operations of WT, and listed six important issues such as information security, financial performance, Ethical management, talent attraction and retention, talent development, and sustainable supply chain, etc. In addition, considering the increasing importance of climate change, we added “Climate Change” as an issue. These seven issues will be the basis of the 2021 Sustainability Report.

In 2021, we will adopt a different approach to managing sustainability issues than we did in 2020, using the GRI themes as the sustainability issues survey in 2020. Among them, seven are in line with the major issues for 2020, while four substantive GRI themes, including indirect economic impact, labor/management relations, non-discrimination, and customer privacy, have been removed. Three new issues highly relevant to human capital are added, including market presence, training and education, diversity and equal opportunity. Energy, information security and social assessment of the supply chain have also been issues of great concern to the public in recent years.

14 GRI substantive themes, 24 disclosure indicators

We examine the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines’ (GRI) 33 economic, environmental, and social themes, mapping them to key disclosure issues, and selected 14 substantive themes of relevance and 24 disclosure indicators to be covered in the 2021 report.

Defining the Sustainability Report’s Disclosure Boundary

The disclosure team held a meeting to review each important disclosure issue one by one, the impact of each issue on WT and throughout the value chain, later confirmed the disclosure boundary within the organization, which varies slightly depending on each issue.


Energy management

Save Energy with Green Purchasing In 2021, WT’s total energy consumption is 8,168.08 GJ, of which the most important energy source is non-renewable electricity purchased from power companies, with electricity consumption accounting for 91.18% of the total consumption, while the rest is fuel used in ccompany work vehicles. In the future, depending on the overall energy policy and climate change issues, proper planning and setting will be made to target the use of renewable energy.

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Water Resources Management

Effective water conservation through promotion and implementation The main uses of water resources at each of WT Taiwan’s operating bases are recycled water for air-conditioning in office areas and water for employees’ daily use. The water discharged is mainly employees’ domestic sewage, which is discharged into the building’s pipeline and then enters the sewer system. The evaporation of water for air-conditioning is the main reason for consumption. As there is no valid statistical method for

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Digital Optimization

Introducing RPA Establish efficient and highly automated processes and systems To improve various major operation efficiency and enhance corporate insight, WT advances continuously on process optimization. By promoting digital optimization, we can internally set up new operations to match the current scale and help automate operations and reports for relevant operation units. Externally, we can promote B2B transaction operations to vendors and customers by linking them with Electronic Data Interchange, further establish efficient standard operation

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WT sends warmth to frontline healthcare workers with practical action In May 2021, Taiwan was completely sealed off due to the pandemic with many people working from home. We could only hear the sound of ambulances whistling past, which was terrifying. WT donated epidemic prevention funds and materials amounting to NT$5 million to support front-line epidemic prevention hospitals, fire departments and medical personnel, including the emergency epidemic prevention funds of Shuangho Hospital in New Taipei

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