Ethical Management

Transparency, anti-corruption
Convergence with the global corporate governance business philosophy

In 2020, WT developed the Social Policy & Code of Conduct, UNCAC Anti-corruption Policy, and the SDGs Policy. These standards align with global corporate governance and anti-corruption concepts and frameworks, including Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct, the UN Global Compact, the International Labour Standards, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Corporations, etc.

WT has always believed that a social policy and code of conduct are core requirements for conducting all operational activities in order to gain a competitive advantage and to do the right thing. The high ethical standards of all members of the leadership team not only inspire trust in the Company’s operations, but also create a strong and supportive working environment for employees. the social policy and code of conduct are also principles for members of the Board, all employees, group subsidiaries, independent contractors, consultants, suppliers and all those who deal with WT.

WT expects employees to be fully aware of company policies, procedures and controls to protect the company and themselves from potential legal, regulatory or disciplinary risks. An annual mandatory course on Ethical Values and Code of Conduct is taught to employees. 2,309 employees of the entire group were listed as trainees at the start of the course in 2021, and 2,309 of them have completed the course and passed the test (100% pass rate). In addition, important management rules and regulations, such as the Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles, the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles, the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles, the Codes of Ethical Conduct, Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct and the Supplier Code of Conduct, were introduced during orientation training. In 2021, the total number of trainees at each of the Taiwan operations sites reached 206, all of whom have completed training, with a total of 412 hours of training.

WT’s reporting channels include an internal reporting mailbox and a reporting sector on the official website for informants to report illegal acts of the company’s personnel. The Ethical Business Promotion Team accepts cases and is responsible for forwarding them to the highest supervisors of relevant units for investigation and tracking the final outcome of the cases. The identity of the informant, the contents of the report and the investigation process will be kept confidential, and complete records will be kept. In addition, there is a sexual harassment complaint mechanism and a reporting hotline for employees to file complaints, and the contents of the reports and the investigation process are treated with strict confidentiality. No cases were received from external parties or directly reported by employees in 2021, and no significant dishonest acts or sexual harassment occurred.

WT seeks to promote honest and ethical conduct, to deter wrongdoing, and to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to all locations in which it operates. As of the end of 2021, there were no significant violations in the economic, environmental and social fields (including human rights, disability injuries, etc.) that were sanctioned by the competent authorities.

Zero Tolerance for Corruption! WT’s communication mechanism for whistle blowers

WT responds to whistleblowing incidents, providing a transparent and accessible channel for communication. All employees are encouraged to speak up without fear when they discover a violation of the Company’s ethics policy. It is available to suppliers, customers and other third parties.


Digital Optimization

Introducing RPA Establish efficient and highly automated processes and systems To improve various major operation efficiency and enhance corporate insight, WT advances continuously on process optimization. By promoting digital optimization, we can internally set up new operations to match the current scale and help automate operations and reports for relevant operation units. Externally, we can promote B2B transaction operations to vendors and customers by linking them with Electronic Data Interchange, further establish efficient standard operation

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Operational Mechanism for Sustainability Management

6 Step Protocol for Sustainability Issue Management WT voluntary enact sustainable policies and initiatives for environmental, social, corporate governance, and economic and trade compliance. Meanwhile, these sustainable policies and initiatives are all approved by the Board of Directors and published after the approval of the board’s chairman. In addition, the senior vice president Kerry Hsu was appointed as Chief Corporate Governance Officer by the Board of Directors in 2019 and established an “WT Microelectronics Sustainable

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Talent Development

WT attentively undertakes the best career planning for its employees Corporate development stems from our belief in the cultivation of talent. WT group stresses the importance of employees’ overall development and creates a working environment suitable for the right people. In a fast-changing environment, in order to equip our employees with the ability to respond to future changes, WT has established a training and development plan to effectively transform learning into work results. Average training

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Financial Performance

Jumpstarting growth in 2021! 107% increase in profit for the year Our operating revenue increased by 27% from NT$353.152 billion in 2020 to NT$447.896 billion in 2021. Our profit for the year increased by 107% from NT$3.795 billion in 2020 to NT$7.855 billion in 2021, increase of NT$4.06 billion. Post-Pandemic Era Approaches, Positive Outlooks for Semiconductors With the accelerated global digitization driven by the pandemic and the increased demand for energy saving and carbon reduction

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