Financial Performance

Jumpstarting growth in 2021!

107% increase in profit for the year

Our operating revenue increased by 27% from NT$353.152 billion in 2020 to NT$447.896 billion in 2021. Our profit for the year increased by 107% from NT$3.795 billion in 2020 to NT$7.855 billion in 2021, increase of NT$4.06 billion.

Post-Pandemic Era Approaches, Positive Outlooks for Semiconductors

With the accelerated global digitization driven by the pandemic and the increased demand for energy saving and carbon reduction due to climate change, the main drive for growth in 2021 comes from as increased semiconductor content in electronic products and the rapid growth in applications such as automotive electronics, industrial control, data centers, and 5G communications. In the future, in addition to developing high-growth product markets and increasing customer penetration, we will continue to carry out digital optimization to continuously improve operational efficiency, optimize our operations management system, enhance our financial control system, and strengthen our human resources management to deepen our ability to provide added value in the semiconductor industry chain, thereby building a foundation for sustainable business operations.


Talent Development

WT attentively undertakes the best career planning for its employees Corporate development stems from our belief in the cultivation of talent. WT group stresses the importance of employees’ overall development and creates a working environment suitable for the right people. In a fast-changing environment, in order to equip our employees with the ability to respond to future changes, WT has established a training and development plan to effectively transform learning into work results. Average training

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Sustainable Supply Chain

Discreet selection and gate-keepingBecome permanent partners with like-minded suppliers WT set a Social Policy & Code of Conduct. It is a guideline for WT and its business partners in their operational activities, which includes labor rights, health and safety, ethics, management system, etc. It expressly regulates the appropriate conduct of all operational activities and the commitment to continuous improvement. WT also communicates the guidelines to all types of suppliers and monitors them, so that only

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Health management

Regular health check-ups and exercise encouragement Enhancing our staff’s overall resistance to the pandemic WT provides annual physicals for employees that are superior to standard ones, and plans diversified support programs. In addition to legal items, employees can also customize the contents of their physicals. After the physical, professional teams will analyze the reports and follow up on any abnormalities. In addition, WT has also set up a full-time healthcare manager to assist colleagues with

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Stakeholder Meeting

5 Key Facets to Identify Key Stakeholders Through the AA1000 SES standard, WT identifies important stakeholders through five significant aspects: “responsibility, influence, tension, diverse viewpoints, and dependability”. Key stakeholders are identified into five categories: shareholders/banks, customers, employees, upstream suppliers, and other suppliers. 5 categories of key stakeholder meeting results The five types of stakeholders encompass different values and interactions with WT’s operations. By negotiating through various communication methods, different departments continued to communicate and cooperate

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