Employee Relations

Awarded Taiwan iSports Certification Bringing each other closer through group activities

WT encourages staff to set up and participate in various clubs, which can not only provide physical and mental stimulation in various ways but also cultivate interest outside work. In particular, various activities and competitions are held by sports clubs every year to promote exchanges among staff members on the one hand, and participate in various competitions externally on the other, which can also enhance staff members’ love for and participation in sports. Over the years, we have continued to arrange sports courses and activities to promote the habit of regular exercise among our staff and to build up a sporting atmosphere in the workplace so that employees can maintain a healthy lifestyle. In 2021, WT was awarded the Ministry of Education Sports Administration’s Taiwan iSports Certification.

Organize regular departmental activities to boost team spirit

Every year, departments offer a variety of activities including fun activities, handicrafts and printing courses to inspire creativity and improve concentration and emotional communication, which has helped participants achieve communication and coordination, enhance problem-solving skills, stimulate creativity and team spirit, and furthermore gain new interests and knowledge in the process.

Active promotion of club activities to foster chemistry between colleagues

Marathon Club: Challenging Self Limits
Every year, the Marathon Club calls on colleagues to participate in major marathons. Many of the participants are experienced road runners. In addition to encouraging each other to finish the race, they also exchange health and sports information to enhance their interest in and knowledge of sports.
Mountain Climbing Club: Visit the Beautiful Mountains of Taiwan
The Mountain Climbing Club's committee members are seasoned climbers with extensive climbing experience and often lead members on treks to visit beautiful mountains and rivers. In addition to the high-level climbing activities, we also offer normal-level climbing trips with family-friendly activities.
Board Game Club: Brainstorming Creativity
The Board Game Club is a stimulating club that organizes regular monthly board game parties and adds new games from time to time to increase the fun of participating in board game activities. We also welcome colleagues' family members to play board games together and select family- friendly board games for our colleagues to play with their children to bring out their talent and creativity.
Badminton Club: Parents and Kids Playing Together
The Badminton Club not only organizes occasional tournaments but also organizes summer camps for parents and children, encouraging them to join these camps and offering a wide range of activities to help them learn about the game, furthermore increasing parent-child interaction and fostering happy relationships.
Flower Arrangement Club: Bringing the Beauty of Nature Into the Office
In addition to regular monthly flower arrangement classes, the Flower Arrangement Club also holds special classes on the major festivals every year. All flower-related courses can be used as a theme, with new and special floral vessels, adding uniqueness and interest to the work.
Cooking Club: Sweets In Your Mouth and Sweetness In Your Heart
The cooking club offers a variety of classes in Chinese, Western, and exotic dishes and dessert baking. Cooking is done in pairs, with simple interactive games that fill the cooking classes with the aroma of food and laughter, making it not only a great way to learn cooking skills but also a great way to interact and work together.
Basketball Club: Developing Chemistry and Friendship
The Basketball Club not only organizes and invites other groups to participate in monthly basketball tournaments, but also organizes internal basketball tournaments to enhance communication among and recreation opportunities for colleagues. The club members' great chemistry has helped them win the championship in the TGB basketball league.
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Climate Change Response

Promote TCFD project to initiate climate change management The risks of climate change brought about by global warming may cause unanticipated operational impacts. As an important enterprise in the electronic product distribution business, WT should play a leading role at both the top and bottom of the chain the top and bottom of the chain, and at the same time fully understanding the risks and opportunities that climate change may bring in the electronic industry

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Financial Performance

Jumpstarting growth in 2021! 107% increase in profit for the year Our operating revenue increased by 27% from NT$353.152 billion in 2020 to NT$447.896 billion in 2021. Our profit for the year increased by 107% from NT$3.795 billion in 2020 to NT$7.855 billion in 2021, increase of NT$4.06 billion. Post-Pandemic Era Approaches, Positive Outlooks for Semiconductors With the accelerated global digitization driven by the pandemic and the increased demand for energy saving and carbon reduction

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Digital Optimization

Introducing RPA Establish efficient and highly automated processes and systems To improve various major operation efficiency and enhance corporate insight, WT advances continuously on process optimization. By promoting digital optimization, we can internally set up new operations to match the current scale and help automate operations and reports for relevant operation units. Externally, we can promote B2B transaction operations to vendors and customers by linking them with Electronic Data Interchange, further establish efficient standard operation

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Focus on risk management Strive for self-monitoring to align with the times WT has established a corporate governance structure to manage its business in accordance with the ROC Company Act, the Securities and Exchange Act and other relevant laws and regulations. We aim to pursue the long-term interests of our shareholders by enhancing corporate performance and accountability and by balancing the interests of our stakeholders.Under the Board of Directors are an Audit Committee, a Remuneration

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