Workplace Safety

Proactive training to prevent problems before they occur No work-related injuries for 3 consecutive years

WT adheres to an occupational safety and health policy of “protecting employees and preventing hazards,” and promotes the occupational safety system in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. We analyze potential hazards and possible hazards in operations, the causes of hazards in the flowchart of work safety operations, and possible types of hazards to be prevented, so as to achieve the goal of zero disasters.

Rigorous assessment and compliance with safety regulations before commissioning

When all of WT’s logistics centres are set up, complete safety assessments have already been conducted beforehand, including guidelines for escape routes, fire-fighting facilities, monitoring equipment, and fire-fighting and security systems. Permission for use is granted only after all the regulations are met.

Zero employee injuries, demonstrating a safe workplace and employee safety awareness

In 2021, no incapacitating injuries occurred at any of WT’s operating bases in Taiwan. Therefore, the occupational injury fatalities, serious incapacitating injuries and recordable occupational injury rate (TRIR) are all zero. Suppliers and contractors working in offices or logistics centers did not have any work-related injuries in 2021.

Regular drills to enhance staff safety education and training

WT not only ensures that all employees are familiar with occupational safety and health-related laws and regulations and the company’s safety and health management mechanism, but also provides safety-related education training and drills on a regular basis. In 2021, the logistics centers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shenzhen all held fire drills on a regular basis, and the Taiwan Logistics Center also invited the fire department to conduct fire prevention education classes. There are also occupational safety officers, first aid officers and fire prevention managers in the logistics centers, who are regularly trained in accordance with the law to keep abreast of the latest labor safety knowledge and skills.

Prevention management, develop improved security measures

In accordance with fire safety regulations, WT has set up various comprehensive protective facilities in the work environment and has delineated areas for fire prevention and management. We arranged for colleagues in charge of each floor to conduct regular inspections every month so as to prevent any possible disaster. Every year, staff members are sent to participate in fire drills and training activities organized by the Management Committee to understand the evacuation procedure forour park. Every year in March, external fire-fighting agencies carry out inspections and make reports, and fire-fighting establishments and drills are carried out in March and July every year to strengthen the escape and emergency response capabilities of the entire staff.


Report Description

WT Microelectronics'(hereafter abbreviated as WT)2021 Sustainability Report (hereafter referred to as ″this report″)is as follows: BASIS OF DISCLOSURE The information contained herein follows and was written according to the GRI standards (GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards) of the 2021 Sustainability Report (hereafter referred to as ″this report″). This report is also based on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Multiline and Specialty Retailers and Distributors (MSR) Industry and the Task Force on Climate Change-related Financial Disclosures

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Employee Relations

Awarded Taiwan iSports Certification Bringing each other closer through group activities WT encourages staff to set up and participate in various clubs, which can not only provide physical and mental stimulation in various ways but also cultivate interest outside work. In particular, various activities and competitions are held by sports clubs every year to promote exchanges among staff members on the one hand, and participate in various competitions externally on the other, which can also

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Ethical Management

Transparency, anti-corruptionConvergence with the global corporate governance business philosophy In 2020, WT developed the Social Policy & Code of Conduct, UNCAC Anti-corruption Policy, and the SDGs Policy. These standards align with global corporate governance and anti-corruption concepts and frameworks, including Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct, the UN Global Compact, the International Labour Standards, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Corporations, etc. WT has always believed that a social policy and code of conduct are core

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Financial Performance

Jumpstarting growth in 2021! 107% increase in profit for the year Our operating revenue increased by 27% from NT$353.152 billion in 2020 to NT$447.896 billion in 2021. Our profit for the year increased by 107% from NT$3.795 billion in 2020 to NT$7.855 billion in 2021, increase of NT$4.06 billion. Post-Pandemic Era Approaches, Positive Outlooks for Semiconductors With the accelerated global digitization driven by the pandemic and the increased demand for energy saving and carbon reduction

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