Green Design

Consistent Green Thinking Promote low-loss,
high-performance semiconductor components

Product design should not only be concerned with the cost, function and quality of the product, but also the potential impact of the product on the environment. We prioritize the selection of parts and components that can improve energy efficiency and do not use harmful substances to achieve energy efficiency, carbon reduction and green requirements.Semiconductor components are an important part of electronic products.

In line with the green design mindset, semiconductor components that are used must have low-loss and high-performance characteristics, and WT is strengthening the promotion of green and high-performance semiconductor component products so that clients can adhere to the design concepts and principles of environmental protection, energy efficiency and optimization.

As a professional distributor of semiconductor components, WT provides the products, manufactured by global leading semiconductor companies, with the features of efficiency improvement and better performance under less power consumption.

In addition, through our understanding of market development trends and our mastery of low-consumption and high- efficiency product application technologies, WT continues to promote and provide education and training on low- consumption and high-efficiency products, providing clients with suitable low-consumption and high-efficiency product solutions or reference designs and assisting clients in realizing green designs. In 2021, NT$609 million was invested in R&D, an increase of 57.77% compared to 2020.

These low-consumption and high-efficiency electronic components are widely used in various applications such as communications, computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, industrial control, the Internet of Things and automobiles through the promotion of WT. As the demand for energy efficiency, carbon reduction and environmental protection is recognized by consumers, the demand from clients has also increased.

Advanced electronic system for comprehensive implementation paperless inventory management

In Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore and Korea, WT has logistics centers for receiving and delivering goods. When purchasing goods, orders are placed in the logistics center nearest to the client according to their demand, thus reducing the distance between warehouse transfer, delivery and transportation. All logistics center operations have been integrated with advanced logistics information systems, enabling paperless electronic operations. Every corner of the logistics center is connected via WiFi.. After scanning the product and storage barcode with a PDA, the system will immediately adjust the account and change the storage position without the need for inventory cards.

Not only packaging reduction, but also recycling

WT has continued to invest in packaging reduction, including prioritizing the use of paper pallets for product carriage in the warehouse and for outbound shipments, reducing the number of product fillers. We also use renewable materials for packaging materials required in logistics operations. Meanwhile, related logistics operations systems have been digitalized and the number of shipping trips has been optimized through the system. In 2021, there were 12,236 fewer shipping trips, thanks to the system’s consolidation of order shipments.

After the products are stocked, if there is no need to re-pack and re-deliver, they will be directly stocked in the packaging of the original shipment. If they need to be re-packed, all the cartons and filling materials inside the cartons will be recycled when they are stocked, so that they can be recycled and classified as “environmentally friendly cartons” for statistical and management purposes. We not only give priority to recycled cartons for shipment but also reduce the use of new cartons. The cartons we purchase ourselves are not redundantly printed, but only marked with cautions. The padding used to protect the products inside the cartons is made of environmentally friendly materials that that are naturally biodegradable. The average amount of padding used per carton has been reduced from 0.37 meters per carton in 2020 to 0.23 meters per carton in 2021, a significant decrease of 37.84%. The use of pallets in logistics centers will also be prioritized over the use of paper pallets and less plastic.


Report Description

WT Microelectronics'(hereafter abbreviated as WT)2021 Sustainability Report (hereafter referred to as ″this report″)is as follows: BASIS OF DISCLOSURE The information contained herein follows and was written according to the GRI standards (GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards) of the 2021 Sustainability Report (hereafter referred to as ″this report″). This report is also based on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Multiline and Specialty Retailers and Distributors (MSR) Industry and the Task Force on Climate Change-related Financial Disclosures

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A Photography-Inspired Learning Program by WT Foundation At first I thought that photography was just a way to teach children skills, but later I realized that photography is actually a vehicle that provides many things and has a great impact! ―― Chairman of the WT Foundation, David Yang Based on the spirit of “diversified development, happy learning” and “caring for the disadvantaged and giving back to society”, we are involved in education in remote areas

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Financial Performance

Jumpstarting growth in 2021! 107% increase in profit for the year Our operating revenue increased by 27% from NT$353.152 billion in 2020 to NT$447.896 billion in 2021. Our profit for the year increased by 107% from NT$3.795 billion in 2020 to NT$7.855 billion in 2021, increase of NT$4.06 billion. Post-Pandemic Era Approaches, Positive Outlooks for Semiconductors With the accelerated global digitization driven by the pandemic and the increased demand for energy saving and carbon reduction

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Environmental Management

Raising Carbon Reduction StandardsResponding to the global trend of energy efficiency and carbon reduction In order to respond to the development of the country’s overall greenhouse gas reduction strategy and achieve the sustainable development goal of energy efficiency and carbon reduction, WT has been implementing greenhouse gas inventories on a yearly basis since 2018 and has appointed a third party to carry out verification, with greenhouse gas emissions originally targeted to be reduced by 1%

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