Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan makes up for the shortcomings with love

In a special issue, Kerry Hsu, the co-founder of WT, wrote about the 30th anniversary of the premature birth of her baby, saying ′′Life is supposed to be beautiful, but there are always exceptions! When we encounter life’s shortcomings, it is certainly a journey of extraordinary and miraculous events. This miracle is to witness the grace of life, to feel the resilient will of life to survive, to see a team of angels who guard premature babies, and to be so lucky as to encounter the medical quality that cultivates life’s silent call for help, to greatly enhance the right to live in the tug of war between life and death, and to return to the path of life’s beauty.′′

Thumbelina a Chance to Reclaim a Bright Future

The percentage of premature births in Taiwan now exceeds 10%. The impact of a premature birth on the child, the family, and even society as a whole in terms of medical expenses is considerable. The birth of a premature baby foretells a difficult process of growth, but with proper medical care, modern medicine can provide a high survival rate for premature babies. This is one of the goals of the Premature Baby Foundation’s long-term efforts: to support good quality medical care for premature babies and to reduce neonatal mortality and disability. 

According to the National Health Agency’s birth report for 2020, 16,517 newborns were born with a body weight of less than 2,500g, which is about 10.16% of the total number of births in that year. From 2015 to the present, the Foundation has invested a total of NT$ 8,088,903 in the prevention and treatment of premature births, the promotion of the tracking of pregnant women with high-risk pregnancies, and preventive health care during pregnancy.

Little Feet Deserve Big Chances, Too: Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan 30th Anniversary

The birth rate in Taiwan is at a record low, but the percentage of preterm births is at a record high. Shan- Shan’s mother, Kerry Hsu, who has experienced a preterm birth, wants to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and treatment of preterm births and to promote a child-friendly environment.


Environmental Management

Raising Carbon Reduction StandardsResponding to the global trend of energy efficiency and carbon reduction In order to respond to the development of the country’s overall greenhouse gas reduction strategy and achieve the sustainable development goal of energy efficiency and carbon reduction, WT has been implementing greenhouse gas inventories on a yearly basis since 2018 and has appointed a third party to carry out verification, with greenhouse gas emissions originally targeted to be reduced by 1%

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Analysis of important disclosure issues

Survey on 18 sustainability issues, 495 valid questionnaires returned In order to understand the concerns and expectations of important stakeholders on sustainability at WT, a survey questionnaire covering 18 sustainability issues was developed with reference to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and related issues in the industry, as well as information collected from sustainability reports of other related enterprise. The survey was sent to stakeholders via the responsible department, and 495 valid questionnaires were returned

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WT sends warmth to frontline healthcare workers with practical action In May 2021, Taiwan was completely sealed off due to the pandemic with many people working from home. We could only hear the sound of ambulances whistling past, which was terrifying. WT donated epidemic prevention funds and materials amounting to NT$5 million to support front-line epidemic prevention hospitals, fire departments and medical personnel, including the emergency epidemic prevention funds of Shuangho Hospital in New Taipei

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Talent recruitment

people-oriented Our employees’ team spirit is the biggest driving force for the company WT understands that people are the most important capital of an enterprise and that the company’s greatest impetus for progress comes from its highly motivated employees! In order to create a better working environment for employees and attract outstanding professionals to join the company, WT complies with the laws and regulations of the the areas where its operating bases are located. The

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