WT sends warmth to frontline healthcare workers with practical action

In May 2021, Taiwan was completely sealed off due to the pandemic with many people working from home. We could only hear the sound of ambulances whistling past, which was terrifying. WT donated epidemic prevention funds and materials amounting to NT$5 million to support front-line epidemic prevention hospitals, fire departments and medical personnel, including the emergency epidemic prevention funds of Shuangho Hospital in New Taipei City and Taipei Medical University’s Emergent Pandemic Prevention Funds , and donated 5,000 pieces of medical isolation protective clothing to En Chu Kong Hospital in New Taipei City.

Based on the business philosophy of giving back to society and fulfilling the local feedback of being kind to our neighbors, we learned that New Taipei City Government Fire Bureau’s Nansei Branch Team 7, as the first-line pandemic prevention force, must take patients to hospitals for treatment. In order to safeguard the team members’ own safety, there was a shortage and an urgent need for the acquisition of protective masks, and WT completed the donation of 48 3M protective masks and filter cotton replacement parts that meet safety and efficient wear in just 45 hours.

In order to encourage and thank the frontline healthcare workers for their sleepless shifts, WT has made a modest effort to provide a weekly lunch to the healthcare workers of Shuangho Hospital to help cheer them up, so that they can safely pass the severe test of the new epidemic during this tense period.


Report Description

WT Microelectronics'(hereafter abbreviated as WT)2021 Sustainability Report (hereafter referred to as ″this report″)is as follows: BASIS OF DISCLOSURE The information contained herein follows and was written according to the GRI standards (GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards) of the 2021 Sustainability Report (hereafter referred to as ″this report″). This report is also based on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Multiline and Specialty Retailers and Distributors (MSR) Industry and the Task Force on Climate Change-related Financial Disclosures

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Energy management

Save Energy with Green Purchasing In 2021, WT’s total energy consumption is 8,168.08 GJ, of which the most important energy source is non-renewable electricity purchased from power companies, with electricity consumption accounting for 91.18% of the total consumption, while the rest is fuel used in ccompany work vehicles. In the future, depending on the overall energy policy and climate change issues, proper planning and setting will be made to target the use of renewable energy.

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Digital Optimization

Introducing RPA Establish efficient and highly automated processes and systems To improve various major operation efficiency and enhance corporate insight, WT advances continuously on process optimization. By promoting digital optimization, we can internally set up new operations to match the current scale and help automate operations and reports for relevant operation units. Externally, we can promote B2B transaction operations to vendors and customers by linking them with Electronic Data Interchange, further establish efficient standard operation

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Information Security

Enhancement of information security protection capacity Becoming a Tier 1 operation Delivering products to customers on time is the basis of WT’s operations, and system downtime will result in delayed delivery or the inability to deliver products. WT expects to become an enterprise with first-class operational capability in the industry, and a high degree of information security capability is the cornerstone for providing quality services. Third-party organizations such as international certifications and red team assessment

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